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Nadia Addesi


Nadia is the founder of Evolve and Bloom.

Nadia is a registered social worker and psychotherapist who works with clients in a supportive, compassionate, and nurturing way; helping them identify strengths and self-love by defining goals through a process of active listening, deep empathy, non-judgment and acceptance. 

Cristina Cappucci


Cristina is a Registered Dietitian with a Master of Health Science in Nutrition Communication. During her 2 years of clinical experience at Mackenzie Health Hospital, she has seen a wide variety of health conditions from the acute to recovered phases. She helps individuals understand their best nutrition plan before returning home. I use a Health at Every Size (HAES®), weight-inclusive, non-diet approach and incorporate intuitive eating and mindfulness into her practice. She is passionate about helping you develop a positive relationship with your body, food, and movement, seeing beyond guilt, shame, and regret with eating. 


Lauren Meisels


Lauren is a Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist who strives to create a warm and compassionate environment for the clients she serves; helping them through a strengths-based, person-centred approach, while offering utmost empathy, support, and active listening. Lauren believes that therapy is a collaborative process and that everyone should have a safe and healing place to work through life’s challenges.

Olivia Cupido


Olivia Cupido is a registered dietitian with the College of Dietitians of Ontario and nutrition expert who is passionate about helping others foster healthy relationships with food. After growing up in the kitchen, it remains her favourite place to be. She studied at Ryerson University completing both her undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Food (BASc) and her graduate degree in Health Sciences in Nutrition Communication (MHSc). Her training included areas of focus like public health, family health, body image, eating disorders, and media and consulting. 


Olivia believes that eating is about more than just the food itself; it’s about connection, culture, enjoyment and self-care. Her philosophy is rooted in Health at Every Size and the non-diet approach. Whether you have a chronic illness, allergy, intolerance, or complicated relationship with food, she is committed to helping you navigate the world of food and nutrition in a way that works for you.